A downloadable zombieunderground for Windows

A game made in less than 4 days for AGBIC. I missed out on a lot of the jam, hence all the bugs and the lack of content.

Also, it might not be accurate to the description given on the Famicase site, but I didn't really get how the story would progress and stuff. Blah, blah, excuse, blah, etc.

It's 01:31 AM and I'm going to sleep now.

UPDATE! I added a new version (v1.1) which fixed some bugs and removed the debug stuff that I forgot to remove last time (oops). The original file will still be available for download if you want it.

By the way, the blood effects are quite... Demanding? You might run out of memory if you have violence on. FIKSED IN VERSION 1.2!

UPDATE! AGAIN! I added another version (v1.2). It fixed most (if not all) of the memory issues that were present in the two earlier versions.

Other than that, I added two more large crates to the game. They contain one of two items, the AR-15, or the AK-47. They were in the game in the earlier versions, but only on the last part, before ALL THE ZOMBIES. You can now try out these two weapons on actual enemies.

Also, happy new year!


Zombie Underground - Newest version [1.2] (2 MB)
Zombie Underground - (version 1.1, memory issues) (2 MB)
Zombie Underground - ORIGINAL (unpatched) (2 MB)